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Portrait of David Garrett (100 x100 cm. Oil on canvas)

  • Dear boy, you are so merry, so light your fine smile,
    Do not ask about this happiness that to the world is poisonous way
    You don’t know, you don’t know, what’s this violin, what’s this trial,
    What is really dark deep horror for the beginner of the play.

    Light of eyes will disappear, tranquil mood will not be found
    For the person who takes this violin in his imperious hands one day.
    Hellish spirits like to listen to these enchantly kingly sounds,
    Rabid wolves are roaming here on the violinists’ way.

    And for ever has to hover and to beat this crazy bow,
    And forever and  ever these ringing, clear strings have to cry, to sing
    Under the sun and in the snowstorm, in the white surf, here and now
    When the West is flaming brightly, when the East spreads its burning wing.

    You will be tired and slow down, stop your song and forget your senses,
    You’ll not be able to call and stir and you cannot have a rest. –
    So exactly this very moment rabid wolves in blood – thirsty frenzy
    Sink their teeth into your throat, put their paws upon your chest.

    Then you realize how evil, how mocking was this singer,
    And your eyes will meet belated but the dominant awful fright,
    And the dreary mortal cold will twine your body up to fingers,
    And your friend will be so thoughtful, and will cry and weep your bride.

    Go on, boy! You won’t meet here neither gaiety,  nor treasures,
    But I see, you are laughing now, in your eyes there are two rays.
    Take this violin, my dear, look at monsters free of measures,
    You will die by death of glory, in the horrid violinist’s ways!

    Nicolay Gumilyov
    Esoteric portrait of the famous musician David Garrett.

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