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Original handmade oil painting - an ancient Greek myth from the three sisters of time. The first sister spun the thread of time. The second sister weighed the good and the bad. The third sister cut the thread of life. The second sister, Moira Lachsesis, is introduced.The painting is executed in a classical manner in restrained colors, which allows you to decorate any interior from Art Deco to minimalism. The accent is a bright, fiery orange color that will add cheerfulness to any home. This painting is part of a triptych. The idea for the triptych came to me by accident when I was traveling around Greece in Athens. Looking at the ancient buildings of the Greek era, I felt the need to tell and convey one of them. So ancient and mysterious, conveying all the wealth of the ancient epic. Sitze 90x105 cm. Oil on canvas.

Oil Painting Moira, Lachesis (90 x 105 сm. Oil on canvas).

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