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he painting depicts a bearer that transports souls to the afterlife. The pale soul obediently sits on the black horse of death and waits to be received. Death is usually depicted as an old woman with a scythe. In Greek mythology, it is Charon who takes the soul to the afterlife. I disagree with that. I think everyone will be given according to his faith. If you believe in an old woman with a scythe, she is your guide. If you believe in Charon, Charon will be waiting for you. The idea for this painting came during a trip to Europe, namely in France in the tourist town of Carcassonne. From a distance, it looks like an impregnable fortress, another dimension, something mysterious and inaccessible. In the background, the towers of Carcassonne are shown. As a symbol of the afterlife. The painting is done in a classical manner. It will decorate any classic interior. Will organically fit into Art Deco. and will serve as a bright accent in such modern trends as modern and minimalism.

Сarrier (120x10cm.)

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